Eleven years ago, Barbara Pizik opened her by-appointment-only home boutique, bringing with her over 20 years of experience as a stylist and personal shopper/gift buyer for a discerning and loyal clientele.Today, representing a number of varied designers, she hand picks unique and exclusive creations. Women can customize colors and fabrics and tailor the items to their specific aesthetic. Combined with Barbara's expertise in clean and simple lines, clients create a personal wardrobe that covers their everyday, social and travel lifestyles.

Barbara Pizik's name has quietly become synonymous with silky hand-loomed cashmeres, washed leather jackets, edgy and classic separates, one-of-a-kind jewelry, handbags, sleepwear....and more. CONTACT BARBARA PIZIK

Wardrobe Consulting
Closet Editing
Gift Shopping

Mr. Abbott - Karen Allen - Casmari - Peter Cohen - Karen Luu - Style Paris - Hella-Barbara Rank - Irit Ehrlich - Carol Epstein - Jennifer George - Rosemary Peck - Tabesh - Kathie Takowski


"Well-edited wardrobe from classic to eclectic." ~ DISTINCTION MAGAZINE

"Barbara Pizik is the Zen Master Architect of the Perfect Wardrobe." ~ LINDA GRAY - Actress

"My favorite thing about shopping at Barbara's is the excitement of finding some new special gem...some treasure!" ~
MICHELE HALL - Estates Director

"Barbara's honesty is rare and refreshing in this age of hard-sell." ~ MARCIA HARROW - Shopper

"This has become my favorite place to shop." ~ SALLY CRABB

"The perfect extravagant gift to yourself from yourself...better than a massage." ~ XILARY TWIL - Arts Advisor

"Wherever I go in Europe, Barbara's clothes never fail to get raves." ~ BARBARA PASQUET JAMES - Lifestlyle Editor/Speaker - Paris

"Clean and simple...always beautifully edited collections." ~ JAN SIMON - Wardrobe Editor/Stylist - NYC

"Everytime I wear an outfit purchased from Barbara Pizik, I am stopped by someone inquiring where I found it. Barbara makes me look good." ~ MERLE MULLIN

"My worries are over." ~ NAN GOLD ~ Psychotherapist

"Everything I've ever bought from Barbara over the past 15 years has made me feel fabulous and confident . Normally I dread shopping, but she makes it fun and easy." ~ ALETA ST. JAMES - Author Life Shift - NYC